Service Status Updates
Last Update:
02/02/2017 --- Website Is working Fine On Pakistan Networks And On Worldwide Networks Including Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia, UK, USA and 240 Countries..!

02/02/2017 --- You can also send SmS From Your Own Sender ID (alpha + numeric ) at very cheap rates (Advertisements allowed) Working On All networks of Pakistan and World wide Networks

02/02/2017 --- Branded Sms, Corporate Sms, Business Sms, Bulk Sms, Group Sms Facility Is Available Now

02/02/2017 --- In Case We Found AnyOne Indulged in Any illegal Activity We Have All rights To Terminate his/her Account Immediately And Permanently

02/02/2017 --- Now Get Your Own Brand Name (Sender ID) For Your Company Or Organization And Send Business Sms To Your Clients From Your Own Brand Name For More Contact Us.

02/02/2017 --- According To PTA (Pakistan telecommunication Authority) Sending Abbusive, Threatening, Or Any Kind Of Illegal Sms Is Crime So These Sort Of Sms Are Strictly Forbidden