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27/05/2016 --- Website Is working Fine On Pakistan Networks And On Worldwide Networks Including Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia, UK, USA and 240 Countries..!

27/05/2016 --- You can also send SmS From Your Own Sender ID (alpha + numeric ) at very cheap rates (Advertisements allowed) Working On All networks of Pakistan and World wide Networks

24/03/2016 --- Branded Sms, Corporate Sms, Business Sms, Bulk Sms, Group Sms Facility Is Available Now

27/05/2016 --- In Case We Found AnyOne Indulged in Any illegal Activity We Have All rights To Terminate his/her Account Immediately And Permanently

24/03/2016 --- Now Get Your Own Brand Name (Sender ID) For Your Company Or Organization And Send Business Sms To Your Clients From Your Own Brand Name For More Contact Us.

27/05/2016 --- According To PTA (Pakistan telecommunication Authority) Sending Abbusive, Threatening, Or Any Kind Of Illegal Sms Is Crime So These Sort Of Sms Are Strictly Forbidden

To Send SmS

Use http get method only

For Example:! This is a testing msg

To Check Ur Remaining SmS , Balance , Account Expiry Date

Use http get method only

For Example: